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Nanoflow Commons MxTechies

Additional JavaScript actions geared around retrieving data in Native apps using Mendix Client API...

OneDrive Connector

This OneDrive Connector module allows you to integrate your app with Microsoft OneDrive. Using this module, you can create, update, and delete folders and files on your OneDrive.

LDAP Addon

This module facilitates the exporting and importing of configured LDAP Configuration as XML which are created using LDAP module.

Email Connector Add-on

This module facilitates the exporting and importing of configured email templates as XML which are created using Email Connector module.

Native OTP Input

Otp Input is fully customizable, pure JavaScript package, that provides solution for One-time password feature with user friendly events like moving to previous input with backspace or going to next when filled in. It supports pasting and otp code into inputs

Fastest Levenshtein - Distance & Closest

This Module helps to measure the difference between two strings and get the closest string from the string array.

Scandit Scanner Widget

The Scandit Mendix Pluggable Widget is a custom widget that enables the integration of Scandit's barcode and QR code scanning functionality into your Mendix application. With this widget, you can easily incorporate powerful barcode scanning capabilities, such as scanning various types of barcodes and QR

Native Utility

The module offers JavaScript Action utility functions for native applications.It comprises diverse JavaScript utilities for use in native apps.JavaScript Action's utility functions cater to native application needs


The Year-Calendar widget offers a visually engaging and interactive way to present data....

Native Toast Message

The Toast component provides a way to display temporary messages or notifications to the user.

Currency exchange rate

150+ Live Country Currency Exchange Rates
This module utilizes the APIs provided by API Layer to enable live currency conversion for 170 countries using fixer.io

Native Countdown Circle Timer

Countdown circle timer in a circle shape with color and progress animation in Native.

MongoDB Connector

This module facilitates the connection with MongoDB databases and collections....

Image compressor

The module contains Image Compressor java action to compress the image without impacting the quality of the image.

Curved Chart

Integrating a Curved chart with Mendix can be done through a pluggable widget...

Text to Speech

Text to speech is a way of transforming text into voice through a computerized voice. In a simple form of output, the computer reads the typed text in a human-like voice.


Integrating a donut chart with Mendix can be done through a pluggable widget...

Horizontal Timeline

The Horizontal Timeline widget allows you to present data in a visually appealing and interactive timeline format, where users can explore events....

Native Words Highlighter

This widget helps to highlight words within a larger body of text in Native. Provide array of search terms and a body of text to highlight.

PDF Compressor

This module allows the user to compress any size variant PDF to compressed PDF file in a single click.

Base64 Video Player

The Base64 Video Player React Widget is a Mendix custom widget that allows you to display video content in your Mendix application...

CustomLogin with Google SSO and Linked in

Added the customised login page in 3 different forms. Aviation. Logistics. Pharmaceutical. Those are included with Signup pages, Added Multiple...

Thirukkural API Connector

Thirukkural is universal poetry. It offers practical guidance on how to live a virtuous life based on universal values...

IBAN And Swift Validator

This module provides instant validation for IBAN and SWIFT numbers across the globe, powered by Bank Data API....

Words Highlighter

This widget helps to highlight words within a larger body of text. Provide array of search terms and a body of text to highlight.

WhatsApp Business Cloud API

This Module helps to integrate with WhatsApp Business Cloud for Medium and Large Businesses

React Chart JS

React Chart JS is a library for creating charts and graphs in React applications using the Chart.js library. It provides React components that allow developers to easily integrate and customize charts in their applications.

Google Cloud Vision

The Google Cloud Vision module can be utilized for analyzing images and extracting precise information from them.

Paypal Connector

This modules can be used to send payouts to paypal users from your paypal business account. This also includes both the sandbox and live setup.

TUI Image Editor

Use TUI Editor, a Mendix widget available on the Mendix Marketplace, to edit images using HTML5 Canvas.


Easy Chat helps you to have one to one chat with same user role.You can add images and pdf.

Google Translate for Native Mobile

This module helps to translate words, phrases, and entire sentences from one language to another. It supports over 100 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and many more.

Bank Identification Number (BIN) Checker

This module – Checks and verifies BIN (Bank Identification Number) for both credit card and debit cards. BIN Checker API uses the first 6 digits of an issuer card to retrieve the information...

Web Chat UI

A responsive Web chat UI interface module is a great way to enhance the user experience of your Mendix application. With a Web chat UI interface module, users can communicate with each other and with your application in real time....

Multiple Theme Selection

The Theme Selector connector module enables Mendix developers to easily incorporate dark and light theme selections in their applications....

Container Print Widget

Container Print Widget Description This widget allows you to print specific container in a page by using classNames...

Chat Completion

Using Chat Completion module, you can build your applications with OpenAI’s most advanced chat-based language model. This generates human-like responses to user queries and conversations...

Scroll Progress Indicator

This widget will add a horizontal scroll bar on top of the page. It allows us to illustrate how far we've scrolled and how much is left to scroll on the page. It also shows how much we've been scrolling down as a percentage.


The following features can be retrieved with the aid of this module utilising the Spotify API.

Road routing

A powerful tool designed to quickly display road route maps in Mendix. With just a few input waypoints in the form of latitude and longitude, this module generates a clear and accurate map in mere minutes.

Image Background Removal

This API provides image foreground segmentation with consequent background removal.

Augmented Reality

This module shows how Augment Reality works in your Mendix using AR.js. This helps us the possibility to reduce design, production, and maintenance costs.

Protein Calculator

This module contains a Java action to calculate the protein intake based on Height Weight and activity level PROTEIN-Calculator *Contains a Java action to use in your microflows to calculate the protein intake based on Height Weight and activity level...

Mendix Translator Module

The Translator module is a tool for translating text from one language to another. It uses Omar M'Haimdat REST API (link and its benefits are given below) for translation.

Oxford Dictionaries Connector

The Oxford Dictionary API Connector allows you to easily integrate the Oxford Dictionary API into your Mendix application. This module provides a convenient way to access Oxford Dictionary API endpoints and retrieve data such as word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and more.

Before After Image Slider

This widget is useful to view the two images in the single image viewer where the both images are viewed by sliding the mouse on the image from left to right or vice versa. This is very useful to compare the before and after variations of the same object.

Twilio Verify

This module uses the Twilio Verify Service to send One-time Passwords (OTP). Without the hassle of creating flows in your Mendix app to generate one-time passwords and send them as SMS to users with another service provider, this module simplifies authentication at scale with Verify API...

Nanoflow Extended Native

Additional JavaScript actions to perform encode/decode.

Geography API

The Module used is used for identifying the Geocode, location of the user by entering the valid city names. This API is organized around REST. This API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.


The Module used is used for provides worldwide postal code information through our fast and free REST-API...


Signature Widget will be on Landscape view when device is in Portrait mode.

Vehicle Registration Verifier

This module provides access to registration details for all vehicles registered in India, including 37 different pieces of information such as registration number, registration date, registered location, colour, engine number, chassis number...

Screenshot Layer

This Screenshot Layer module enables the user to capture customisable snapshots of any website.

Recipe Search

This module is used to search the recipe of what you want to cook, you can search by using ingredient names or by using country names.

Web/Image Search

Using this module , we can integrate WebSearch and ImageSearch with Mendix using REST API . It retrives latest published websearch results and Image results.

Mortgage Calculator

A mortgage calculator allows you to determine the monthly payment that corresponds to a particular loan amount or house price. Using this tool, you can accurately calculate the monthly mortgage payment based on the relevant...

Weather Forecast

This module is used to view the current location’s weather forecast and can view multiple locations by using the search option.

Google Drive Connector

This module helps in accessing the files in Google Drive using Google Drive API.The below mentioned APIs are available in the module, • COPY File• CREATE File• DELETE File• GET File• LIST File• UPDATE File

Image Gallery

Image Gallery widget allows to display series of images with navigation and zoom feature.

LinkedIn Connector

This module facilitates the implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) using LinkedIn as the Identity Provider (IDP). Along with LinkedIn SSO, this module offers functionalities that can be utilised to perform operations related to LinkedIn posts and sharing.

AM Charts

AM Charts The AM charts module is a powerful tool that allows users to easily create a variety of charts using React and the AMCharts framework. This module includes a range of customizable widgets for building charts with both static and dynamic data...

VIN Tracker

This module is used to find the US Car details by using Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Image Quality Assessment

This module enables users to evaluate the quality of digital images with the use of the APILayer API.

Random Text Effect

The Random text effect widget adds randomize text effect to passed text when mouse pointer is moved out of the text. So, all characters are replaced by random text and step by step the original text is displayed.

File Document Converter

This module enables the user to convert and download their PDF or Word file to kind of file format such as PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT, PPTX, JPG and PNG.

Toggle With Label

The Toggle with label is a widget used to select between two options, either ON or OFF. It does not maintain the state itself.

Zip Handling with Password

This module enables users to swiftly archive numerous files to a password-protected ZIP file and to fast extract files from a password-protected archive with the use of the Apyhub API.


BMI calculator• Provides a Java action for calculating BMI based on height and weight.• Microflow "BMI" as a reference


This module contains Highcharts pluggable widget that enables you to create responsive charts with Highcharts. It is built with React and the highcharts-react-official library, and supports all basic charts of Highcharts.

Textbox Stylings

In this widget, the user can select multiple transition textbox stylings.

Microsoft Azure Translator

This module utilizes the API provided by Microsoft Azure to translate text into any of the languages supported by the service.

D7 OTP Verification

This module offers two-factor authentication (2FA) for applications that need One Time Password (OTP) Verification based on SMS. The entire verification process is automated including unique One Time Password (OTP) generation and Instant Verification.

World Latest News

Using this module , we can integrate NewsData with Mendix using REST API . It retrieves the world latest news(By country, language).


This module is helpful to learn about English Synonyms and Antonyms. It helps you to boost your English vocabulary knowledge.

Voice Cloning AI

This Voice Cloning AI module enables the user to create an artificial simulation of a persons voice.

React Line Ellipsis

React line ellipsis widget allows us to truncate lengthy description based on number of lines with expand and collapse feature

Image Magnifier

This widget is used to magnify your image when you hover your cursor over it. The methods below will assist you in incorporating this widget into your application.

Perspective API Connector

This module will help to identify whether the given input has toxic content or not. Perspective API services uses trained machine learning models to idendify the toxic messages.

Sentiment Analysis

This module focuses on integrating sentiment analysis into a Mendix application using a REST API.

Base 64 Image viewer

This widget is used to display Image from an Encoded Base64 String value without the need for System.Image Generalization.

Text to emotion API

Discover the emotions in textual messages automatically using NLP. Human beings can easily perceive emotions from texts and experience them naturally.

My face API

Mxface is an API platform that powers face recognition applications developed on any platform to serve various use cases.

Email-Deliverability And Quality

This module validate & verify the email address assessing deliverability and quality using an API provided by API Layer.

QR Generator and Printer

This is a module that generates QR codes from text input and prints them without showing a preview page using custom Java action. You can find more information on the ZXing library at https://zxingnet.codeplex.com/

Image Aggression Meter Module

This module is designed to determine whether images contain any violent content. This is achieved by utilizing the "Violence Detection API" provided by the API Layer site.


Grammatical mistakes are most common while typing, those grammatical mistakes, punctuations and the sentences are rephrased using this Paraphraser Module.

Search and Replace in PDF

Search and replace in PDF refers to the process of finding specific words, phrases, or characters within a PDF document and replacing them with different ones.

Custom Button

The Custom Button widget provides buttons with 12 effects which can be selected from a drop-down.

Horizontal Date Picker

Horizontal Date Picker is a custom-build web widget used for choosing dates but draws horizontally into a vertically narrow container.

Hijri date Picker

The Hijri Date Picker has been created for assisting communities across the globe, especially in the Middle East.

Number verification API

Number verification-Global Phone Number Validation & Lookup JSON API This module utilizes the APIs provided by API Layer.

Twitter connector

The Twitter Authentication (Oauth2.0 ) module allows end-users of your Mendix app to login via Single Sign-on (SSO) for Web .

Ip Address to location.

This Module is used for identifying the location of the user by using IP Address. This API is organized around REST.

Temp email module

The major usage of this module is to create a temporary mail instantly and access the mailbox inside your mendix application.

Sticky notes

The Sticky Notes feature is a convenient way to jot down notes quickly. By using React JavaScript, we can create a custom widget that integrates with the Mendix platform.

Animation game widget

This widget enables user engagement by providing access to an animated game widget for 2048.

Excel empty cell validator

This module helps to identify empty cells from an uploaded Excel document while trying to import records into your Mendix application.

Bodmas calculator

We can calculate math operations by utilising the bodmas Java action and giving the expression as parameter.

Google connector – oauth 2.0

Using Google OAuth 2.0, this module helps in generating access tokens and refresh tokens with Client ID and Client Secret.

Email verifier

This module makes it easier to validate and check email addresses. The email address is verified using a connection to APILayer Email verification API.

Age calculator

This module contains a Java action to calculate the Age based on DOB & till Current Date.

Text to material icon

This module allows developers to quickly transform Mendix text into a material icon by leveraging Google Material Icon.

EML file generation

This module helps to generate EML file using

Floating action button

Floating action button enables you to trigger an action or to navigate to different pages

Open AI Chat bot widget

Incorporating an Open AI chatbot into the Mendix.

Document comparison

Document comparison is a process of comparing two documents to identify similarities, differences, and changes between them.

Stripe payment gateway

This module helps to integrate with Stripe payment gateway https://stripe.com/en-in

Tesseract OCR

The Tesseract OCR is used to extract text from image using tesseract.js library which is an open source library. It supports multiple languages with higher accuracy

Emoji rating widget

This widget will give rating based on the emoji reactions. To use this widget, place it in a data container that has an Integer attribute only

Date time utilities

This module helps to get the Next Month Start and End Date, the Previous Month Start and End date, No. of weeks in a month, Current week in the month, Month of the year, Week of the year, and Working days between dates.

Date time functions

This module helps to get Next Month's start and end date, Previous Month start and end date, Current week in a month, Month of the year, No. of weeks in a month, week of year and working days(Business Days) between dates.

Speech to text

Speech to text widget is built with React Speech Recognition, it is a React Hook that works with the Web Speech API to translate speech from your device’s mic into text.

End to end encryption.

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a method of secure communication that prevents third-parties from accessing data.

Month and year picker

Month and year picker provides a flexible month picker widget in the Bootstrap style.

List utilities

This module is helpful 1.To copy list from one list to another. 2.Get records from top of the list. 3.Get records from bottom of the list.

Country local time

This module is helpful to get the countries local time based on the zone of each country. GetCountryZone: Used to get all the country zones.

Grouping input digits

Grouping Digit in local format * Grouping digits in local format (1,23,45,678.00) * Add text before, after, or on both sides of any text-based input.