The module offers JavaScript Action utility functions for native applications.

It comprises diverse JavaScript utilities for use in native apps.

JavaScript Action's utility functions cater to native application needs.


This module contains various utility JavaScript Actions for Native Applications. Here's a breakdown of the JS Actions within the module:

JS_DayOfWeek() : This JS Action is to get the current day of the week (e.g., Monday, Tuesday) or to find the day of the week for a given date.

JS_getUniqueID() : This JS Action is to provide a way to retrieve a unique device identifier.

JS_RandomHashUUID() : This JS Action UUIDs are commonly used for identifying resources in a unique and standardized manner

JS_roundMinutes() : This JS Action rounds off a given time to the nearest minute, useful for scenarios that require time granularity.

JS_hashString() : This JS Action takes a string as input and produces its hash value.

JS_randomSecureString() : This JS Action generates a random secure string. This is often used to generate random passwords or tokens.

JS_GetCurrentValue() : This JS Action takes an entity and an attributeName as input and returns the value of the specified attribute from the entity object as a string.

JS_GetOriginalValue() : This JS Action is to get the original value of a specified attribute from an entity object and return it as a string.