User Interface (UI) Made Simple:

Mendix Studio Pro serves as a visual model-driven Integrated Development Environment (IDE) equipped with customizable themes, drag-and-drop functionality, reusable components, and full-stack capabilities.

Key features include:

  • Building multi-channel web and mobile apps from a single model.
  • Designing page elements such as structure, layout, graphics, buttons, and client-side logic by easily dragging and dropping ready-to-use components.
  • Fast identification of necessary functions with consistent icons and labels.
  • Option to choose between light or dark mode for optimal readability.
  • Utilization of front-end extensions for custom inputs, visualizations, logic, and more.

Scalable Application Logic:

In the Mendix IDE, application logic is represented through visual microflows, simplifying the incorporation of intricate logic into apps without requiring manual coding.

Highlighted aspects include:

  • In the Mendix IDE, application logic is represented through visual microflows, simplifying the incorporation of intricate logic into apps without requiring manual coding.
  • Streamlining development through pre-built logic for automating tasks like object creation and updates, page display, and connections to external systems.
  • Leveraging out-of-the-box integrations or integrating custom Java logic directly into the IDE.
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    Efficient Workflow Automation

    Design and manage intricate application workflows seamlessly using Mendix Studio Pro’s visual workflow editor, offering meticulous control and precision.


    Key functionalities include:

    Streamlining manual processes such as approvals, reviews, check-ins, submittals, escalations, or requests through automation.

    Exercising complete authority over intricate logic structures by incorporating paths and actions into a flowchart.


    AI-Powered Development Support:

    Within our low-code Integrated Development Environment (IDE), virtual co-developers assist in expediting the modeling and delivery of high-quality applications with greater speed and consistency.


    Key components include:

    MxAssist Logic Bot: Aids in modeling and configuring application logic for microflows, offering accurate auto-configuration and contextual recommendations.

    MxAssist Performance Bot: Assesses applications against Mendix best practices, identifying and resolving anti-patterns to enhance performance.

    Validation Assist: Furnishes pre-built expressions facilitating the automated creation of validation microflows.


    Effortless Data Integration

    Mendix Studio Pro seamlessly connects with external tools and services through robust Platform APIs and connectors. Additionally, it empowers you to develop services that expose Mendix data to various platforms, leveraging our inbuilt microservices architecture.

    Key features encompass:

    • Defining data requirements using the domain model, offering an abstract representation of application information.
    • Integration with third-party systems and services through diverse protocols such as REST, SQL, OData, SOAP, among others.
    • Compatibility with container technologies like Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Docker for enhanced connectivity.
    • Seamless integration with quality assurance services like Mendix Application Test Suite (ATS), Mendix Application Quality Monitor (AQM), and Selenium.
    • Importing and exporting data via XML and JSON formats or integrating machine learning (ML) models into your application.

    Version Control and Collaborative Development

    In Mendix Studio Pro, collaboration spans across diverse skill levels. Utilizing the Mendix Team Server (based on Git), multiple developers can collaboratively work on the same project concurrently.


    Functions include:

    Building and updating applications, committing changes, and utilizing version control to seamlessly consolidate developers' modifications into a unified revision.

    Accessing new updates from the Mendix Team Server and managing the acceptance of changes and resolution of merge conflicts.


    Integrated Mendix Marketplace

    The Mendix Studio Pro IDE seamlessly incorporates the Mendix Marketplace, featuring reusable app components developed by Mendix, affiliated partners, and the Mendix community.

    Key features encompass:

    • Building personalized applications using pre-existing components like connectors, widgets, modules, templates, app services, and more.
    • Accessing ready-to-use sample apps for immediate implementation.
    • Uploading and sharing self-created components with the Mendix Community.

    Why MXTechies?

    Build Applications 10X faster with 70% fewer resources.

    Increase developer productivity and capacity.

    Application for any channel, any device, online and offline, smart, and connected.

    Easily embed automation into core systems.

    Extend automation without limitation.

    Integrate data and logic from any data source, system, or service.

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