Introducing Mendix 10 Beta, the latest release of our powerful low-code application development platform. This groundbreaking version brings enhanced AI-driven development capabilities, enabling faster and more intuitive app creation. With an improved user interface, developers can seamlessly collaborate and streamline their workflows. Mendix 10 Beta also offers extended integration options, making it easier than ever to connect with various systems and data sources. Experience the future of low-code app development and join our growing community of innovators today. Try the Mendix 10 Beta and unlock the potential of your business.

  • Mendix 10 Objective
  • Mendix 10 Key Features
  • Deprecated & No longer supported.
  • Look Forward to the next Mendix 10 updates
  • Upcoming Mendix 10 updates
  • Conclusion
Mendix 10 Beta

Mendix 10 Objective:

  • Mendix 10, the cutting-edge release of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) aims to empower developers and businesses by offering a robust set of tools and simplifying the application creation process.
  • The key objectives of Mendix 10 are to bolster productivity, deliver top-notch user experiences, and guarantee the flawless integration of applications with pre-existing IT infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Microflow and Nanoflow Conversion: A new method for converting between microflows and nanoflows has been added. Simply right-click the microflow or nanoflow in the App Explorer to access this feature. For more information, refer to the alternative options specified in the "Converting a Microflow to a Nanoflow" and "Converting a Nanoflow to a Microflow" sections

Microflow and Nanoflow Conversion
  • 2. Properties: Properties tab for all the files is improved and it adds great value to the usability to change the properties for the page, entity, microflow, and nanoflow.

Microflow and Nanoflow Properties
  • Splash Screen: Mendix 10 Studio Pro with dynamic splash screen themes every time when opening the Mendix studio pro

  • Dark Mode: Mendix 10 Studio Pro's dark mode is both visually appealing and energetic throughout the tool, offering a notable improvement over the Mendix 9 version. The fonts in the dark mode are more distinct and legible compared to those in the previous version.

  • Web Service Operations: Studio Pro no longer becomes unresponsive when opening the editing dialog box for operations that expose large data structures.

  • OQL:

    • OQL attribute handling improvements: In OQL, "Attribute = $Parameter" now checks if the attribute is empty when the parameter is a collection containing only a null value. This works with the parameter on either side

    • With an infinite range null value will not be ignored and range ending null is no longer ignored.

  • ML Kit: Help support and bug fixes for MLKit document: We've added {F1} help support to the MLKit document and fixed an issue with its Properties pane

  • MxAssist Performance Bot updates: We've added a button to filter MxAssist Performance Bot best practices for uncommitted documents and updated the MxAssist Performance Bot Best practice MXP011 to group recommendations together.

  • MxAssist Logic Bot enhancements: We've improved the MxAssist Logic Bot for Boolean decision handling when both true and false flows are created.

  • UI Updates:

    • Updated the startup login image and introduced dark mode support for the login dialog box

    • Microflow editor, toolbar controls, button controls, and various UI components color and style updates.

    • `Gird aggregate columns behaviors are aligned

No Longer Supported in Mendix 10

  • SVN Deprecation: SVN support from Mendix 10 will be removed and no longer it will be supported as version control. Only Git version control will be supported from Mendix 10.

  • BCrypt Cost Factor: A BCrypt cost factor below 12 is deprecated and will be forbidden in a future release.

BCrypt Cost Factor
  • Mendix resolved a Runtime error that appeared when a microflow became unused in an app after executing a hot reload in Studio Pro.

  • Support for legacy scheduled events (non-repeating or with a start time) has been discontinued. Mendix Runtime will not start if such events are present.

  • OQL queries no longer permit duplicate column names.

  • DB2 is no longer supported as a database option for applications.

  • In OQL, using a path with an association in the ON clause of an OUTER JOIN is now disallowed.

  • Calling clear() on the list returned by the IDataTable.getRows() API function is no longer possible. Additionally, the list returned by subList() is now unmodifiable.

  • Deprecated error constants have been removed from AdminException and IMxRuntime.

  • The deprecated IActionRegistrator #bundleComponentLoaded method has been removed.

  • The deprecated rollbackTransAction() method has been eliminated from the public IContext interface; instead, use rollbackTransaction.

Upcoming Mendix 10 updates:

The recommended upgrade plan is sequential to ensure success.

More information about migrating from Mendix 7 to Mendix 8 can be found here .

More information about migrating from Mendix 8 to Mendix 9 can be found here .

More information about migrating from Mendix 9 to Mendix 10 will be coming soon.

In future releases we can expect,

  • Merging of Mendix Studio and Studio Pro

  • Broaden integration capabilities

  • Strengthen security features

  • Foster innovation & collaboration

Mendix 10 General Availability
  • Support for Mendix 7 will be discontinued upon the release of the Mendix 10 General Availability (GA) version.


Mendix 10's primary objective is to offer a dynamic, adaptable, and user-friendly RAD platform that allows businesses and developers to create, deploy, and manage applications with unparalleled efficiency. Concentrating on critical aspects such as efficiency, user experience, and integration, Mendix 10 raises the bar for RAD platforms.