Step into the unavoidable realm of mobile application development.

  • In a world where smartphones are ubiquitous, and new digital technologies emerge constantly, mobile applications have become an expected norm for both customers and employees.
  • To stay competitive and ensure optimal customer interactions, enterprises need to offer consistent, user-friendly experiences across various modern mobile technologies. However, mobile application development is often intricate, even for experienced developers, and can be a daunting task for businesses lacking resources or adhering to traditional development processes.
  • Challenges include limited skillsets, as mobile development requires specialized expertise with a small talent pool. Moreover, mobile developers typically focus on building a specific type of mobile application.
  • The process is complex and time-intensive, demanding developers to maintain multiple codebases, languages, and frameworks for each application. This complexity can result in a weakened user experience.
  • Subpar user experiences arise when applications fail to leverage device integrations and gestures, resulting in unimpressive and counterintuitive mobile experiences for both customers and employees.

Uncover the secrets of mobile application development through low-code solutions.

Low-code development simplifies the challenges associated with traditional coding methods by substituting intricate code with visual, model-driven processes.

Build progressive web applications for browsers, advanced native iOS and Android apps, and responsive web experiences—all within a unified platform. Low-code empowers enterprises to provide native device functionalities and immersive user experiences, utilizing cutting-edge mobile technologies.

Even developers lacking mobile expertise can produce outstanding mobile apps using a low-code platform. Meanwhile, seasoned developers can enhance these applications with custom coding to maximize openness and extensibility.

Eliminate the need for intricate coding.

Low-code platforms offer a comprehensive set of tools, technologies, components, and services, safeguarding developers from the complexities of mobile application development.

Low-code platforms offer a comprehensive set of tools, technologies, components, and services, safeguarding developers from the complexities of mobile application development.

Rapid innovation

is facilitated by the visual and collaborative features of low code, enhancing the accessibility of mobile application development, and potentially reducing development time by as much as 90%.

Irresistible experiences Build seamless

user-focused experiences for both customers and employees across various digital channels.


Fuel mobile innovation using Mendix's enterprise low-code platform. Build, test, and launch mobile applications for diverse devices, browsers, and operating systems within a unified platform. Mendix equips enterprises with the tools and services necessary to transform ideas into tangible outcomes.

  • Construct a variety of mobile applications by generating native mobile, Progressive Web App (PWA), responsive web, immersive, and conversational experiences using a unified platform and skill set.
  • Create once, utilize everywhere. With React Native, native applications can utilize a unified code base for seamless operation on both iOS and Android platforms. Similarly, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and responsive web applications are designed to be cross-browser compatible and adaptable to various form factors.
  • Construct with an offline-first approach. Create secure mobile applications that feature offline capabilities and automatic synchronization with the server upon reestablishing a device's connection for enhanced reliability.
  • Ensure security with Mendix, which aligns with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Framework. It offers a comprehensive set of preventives, defensive, and reactive controls to safeguard your applications and data.
  • Discover engaging experiences using the Mendix Atlas UI design system, which includes a collection of templates, widgets, reusable components, and tools, empowering you to deliver exceptional mobile experiences.
  • Optimize usability and ensure uniformity throughout all your applications by leveraging common components, including UI elements, logic, and data components, for efficient reuse.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Mendix Connect, empowering developers to swiftly create application integrations. This is achieved through an open, standards-based metadata repository and an abstraction layer, providing access to compatible data sources.
  • Expedite delivery with Mendix, hastening the rollout of new applications, features, and functionalities through the utilization of automation, AI assistance bots, customized development environments, and collaborative tools.

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