EHR Platform Transformation

Transforming legacy application into modernized platform, enhanced by EPIC Integration & by using CI/CD and Microservices architecture.

The dilemma in healthcare industry is the tug-of-war between maintaining the current successful system and scaling it to incorporate new medical developments that are technologically advanced, intermarrying disparate systems in the health care realm and maintaining the industry compliance standards.

Our client is a five-star rated hospital who were rapidly adding technology advancement and wanted to transform / re-engineer their EHR platform from legacy application to latest technology platform. The client had a highly diversified technology stack for each of the fragmented components. Some of the fragments were built on technologies that were outdated making it hard to find skill to maintain them. The reports took 30 days to generate. The resolution of defects went into months.

MX Techies Technologies came in as a technology partner. The MVP carved was Enrollment (Provisional & Comprehensive), Clinical Chart - Patient record, Resource Management, Order Management and Episode Tracking. A seamless system was accomplished through integrations with third-party application (Like EPIC, Lab Applications, Medical Devices, Pharmacy Applications and National Agency)

Unifying ADT, Complying by HL7 And Integrating to Epic Systems

To accumulate ADT(Admission Discharge Transfer) data from different front end facing providers into AS400 dat abase. Ensemble and Mirth were used as latest technology integration tools in tandem with AS400 setup. Custom scripts were created in IBM AS400 to generate HL7 standard ADT data for the EPIC Systems. TCP/MLLP was used as communication protocol to the EPIC Systems.

Meaningful Use Standard Compliance & National Agency Contribution

The compliance to to meaningful use standard for EHR for communication to National Agency research Institutions was done as the next step. The aggregate general health information of patients to facilitate syndrome surveillance was sent on periodic intervals through Mirth integration engine. Intelligent queries on the AS400 Database for patient information relevant to the parameters of the study (Visit Type) was made and the data sanity with respective HL7 standard and valid NPI credent ials was ensured.

The key insights gained were Customer Behavior, Key Events of engagement and Event Diary & achieved in real- time. This enabled our client to participate in deals like amazon prime day and monitor the real-time trends and behavior live.

  • 100%

  • Increase In Availability of Tech Experts

  • 30%

  • Increase In Cost & Innovative Ventures

  • 75%

  • Better operations due to De-fragmentation
  • 65%

  • Cost Reduction on support for Legacy application
  • 100%

  • Compatible with any Healthcare application integrations Like EPIC Systems, Medical Devices


  • Framework: .Net Core 2.2 Back End (Database): Microsoft SQL 2017
  • Front End: Angular 7.0, Bootstrap 4.0
  • IDE: Visual Studio 2017
  • Integration: Medispan, Biometric Nexaface.