Welcome to our Agile POD Team!

We offer free advisory consulting services catered to address a spectrum of complexities in your projects. Our team specializes in delivering efficient solutions, adapting to the varying needs of your business.

Please select the complexity level
Complexity Free- Advisory/Consulting
Small Complexity Time Duration Medium Complexity Time Duration High Complexity Time duration
Account Manager 2 weeks to
4 weeks
5 weeks to
14 weeks
3 months to
6 months
Solution Architect -
Business Analyst
Senior Developer - -
Mid-Level Developer - -
Junior Developer -
Tester -
Project Manager - - -
SM - - -
MVP - - -
Cloud Architect - - -
Devops - - -
Streamlined Solutions for Your Business Challenges

Small Complexity

Account Manager : Oversees client communication and ensures client satisfaction with the delivered solutions.

Business Analyst : Analyzes and translates client requirements into actionable insights for the development team.

Senior Developer : Leads the development process, guiding the team in implementing solutions for small-scale challenges.

Mid-Level Developer : Collaborates with the senior developer, assisting in the implementation of solutions and coding tasks.

Junior Developer : Supports the development team by executing coding tasks and contributing to the solution implementation.

Tester : Conducts testing procedures to ensure the quality and functionality of the implemented solutions.

Project Manager : Manages the project timeline, resources, and coordination among the team members for timely delivery.

Medium Complexity

Solution Architect : Designs comprehensive solutions and defines the architecture required for medium complexity projects.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Lead : Focuses on the core features and functionalities, ensuring the delivery of a functional MVP.

Cloud Architect : Manages cloud infrastructure design and deployment for projects with medium complexity.

DevOps Engineer : Establishes and maintains DevOps practices to streamline development processes and deployment.

High Complexity

Senior Management (SM) : Offers strategic guidance and oversight for projects with high complexity.

Project Manager : Engages in more detailed project planning and resource management, ensuring adherence to long-term timelines.

Solution Architect : Works closely on high-complexity project architecture, providing strategic direction and technical expertise.

DevOps Engineer : Manages complex deployment and infrastructure requirements, integrating development and operations effectively.

Business Challenges Complexity Level

Small Complexity (2 to 4 weeks)

Our Agile POD team excels in swiftly handling tasks of small complexity. These tasks typically require 2 to 4 weeks for completion. In this time frame, we diligently analyze and implement solutions tailored to meet your immediate business challenges. Our focus remains on quick turnarounds without compromising quality.

Medium Complexity (5 to 14 weeks)

For tasks of medium complexity, our team operates with an extended time frame of 5 to 14 weeks. During this period, we dive deeper into the intricacies of the project, meticulously strategizing and executing solutions. We maintain our agility while ensuring thoroughness in problem-solving to achieve optimal outcomes.

High Complexity (3 to 6 months)

Highly intricate tasks demand a more comprehensive approach. Our Agile POD team dedicates 3 to 6 months to projects of high complexity. We delve into in-depth analysis, engage in iterative development, and meticulously validate solutions. This extended timeline ensures that we address complex challenges with precision and thoroughness.

Our Approach :

Adaptability : We embrace an adaptive approach, ensuring our strategies evolve to meet your project needs.

Collaborative Methodology : Collaboration is at the core of our process, ensuring transparent communication and shared understanding.

Client-Centric Focus : Your business goals and needs are at the forefront of our approach, driving our efforts towards successful outcomes.

Services to Drive Effective Software Development with Dedicated Teams and Staff Augmentation

Software Development Services

At MXTechies, we excel in providing exceptional services by harnessing the potential of Pod Utilization, Software Development, Dedicated Teams, and Staff Augmentation. Our customized solutions guarantee seamless integration, heightened productivity, and optimal resource distribution for your projects.

Pod Utilization

Embracing an innovative approach to Pod Utilization involves organizing teams into compact, multifaceted clusters or "pods." These pods consist of adept professionals with diverse skills, collaborating closely to efficiently address project hurdles, fostering agility, and maintaining consistent communication throughout the development phase.

Benefits of Pod Utilization

Improved Collaboration : Pods facilitate effective communication and teamwork, leading to swift problem-solving and innovative solutions.

Specialized Proficiency : Each pod comprises individuals with complementary skills, ensuring thorough coverage of project requisites.

Agile Development : Our pod-centric approach enables rapid iteration and adjustment to evolve project needs, ensuring faster time-to-market.

Software Development : We extend comprehensive software development services tailored to meet your business objectives. Our seasoned developers and engineers leverage cutting-edge technologies to craft scalable, secure, and user-friendly applications that resonate with your vision.

Our Software Development Services Encompass

Comprehensive Development Services

Tailored Application Development : Custom solutions crafted to fulfill your distinct business requirements.

Development of Mobile and Web Apps : Creating intuitive and responsive applications across various platforms.

Seamless System Integration : Integrating new software seamlessly with existing systems to enhance functionality.

Maintenance and Support : Ensuring your software stays updated and optimized post-deployment.

Dedicated Teams

Our Dedicated Teams service grants you access to a pool of skilled professionals exclusively dedicated to your project. These teams operate as an extension of your in-house staff, ensuring a cohesive approach and unwavering commitment to achieving your project milestones.

Advantages of Dedicated Teams

Customized Resource Allocation : Handpicking experts tailored to your project's unique demands.

Direct Communication : Seamless collaboration and direct communication channels with the dedicated team.

Scalability : Flexibly adjusting the team size based on project needs without compromising productivity.

Staff Augmentation

With our Staff Augmentation services, bolster your existing team with specialized talent from our pool of professionals. Elevate your project capabilities without the complexities of hiring, onboarding, or long-term commitments.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Immediate Access to Skills : Quickly addressing skill gaps with experienced professionals.

Flexible Resource Management : Scaling your team based on project phases or requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution : Optimizing costs by leveraging external talent as needed.

At MXTechies, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality services tailored to meet your unique business needs. Contact us to explore how our Pod Utilization, Dedicated Teams, and Staff Augmentation services can expedite your project success.