What does low-code governance entail?

Low-code governance comprises a set of guidelines or regulations established by an organization to guarantee the secure, compliant, and efficient utilization of a low-code application development platform.

Solid governance and controls are critical components of low-code platform security, as the technology broadens access to application development beyond IT professionals.

As the number of individuals involved in application building grows, and the quantity of applications increases, enterprises require a low-code platform that delivers visibility, understanding, and command over every facet of the application development lifecycle.


Mendix and Low-Code Governance

With Mendix, low-code governance is centered on individuals, procedures, portfolios, and platforms. By extending governance to these four pillars of digital transformation, Mendix establishes the groundwork that enterprises require to enact an effective low-code governance strategy.


Manage your workforce!

Primarily, the success of your Mendix team hinges on its members. This is why low-code governance initiates with the human aspect of digital transformation. Mendix assists you in identifying, comprehending, and nurturing talent while affording you complete control over the access levels for individuals within your organization.


Educate and empower current skills.

Within the flourishing Mendix Community reside numerous users and engaged contributors. This community serves as a valuable resource for discovering talent and partnering with individuals who can assist you in achieving your low-code objectives.

The Community not only provides information on product releases, meetups, documentation, webinars, and Mendix Academy content but also allows you to peruse Mendix developer profiles, showcasing certifications, skill levels, portfolios, and activities.

Customize employee onboarding experiences by leveraging Mendix Academy, our global learning academy offering self-paced or classroom training.


Regulate access for all!

Regulate access for all!

Exclusively available to Mendix admins, the Control Center is the hub where you can control who has access and define their permissions within the platform.


Oversee your DevOps workflows.

Incorporate guardrails into your processes. Through our DevOps capabilities, a unified team can handle the development, maintenance, and support of applications while aligning with your enterprise governance standards and requirements.


Oversee the application development lifecycle!

The Mendix Developer Portal serves as a focal point for teams to collaborate, deploy, and maintain applications.

From the conceptualization phase to delivery, teams can customize and oversee the implementation of Mendix projects across all phases of the low-code application lifecycle.

  • Customize deployment configurations, monitoring settings, and alert preferences.
  • Engage in collaborative efforts with team members.
  • Track development progress through version control.
  • Effectively manage and prioritize feedback from end users and testers.
  • Determine the timing and methodology for upgrading your applications.

Govern your DevOps methodologies.

The Mendix platform provides ready-to-use standard DevOps tools and services, with many processes fully automated. Additionally, its openness and extensibility empower teams to craft and implement their custom DevOps practices.

Mendix incorporates automated testing, proactive quality monitoring, consistency checks, and a comprehensive toolset with APIs, facilitating the establishment of a personalized DevOps strategy.

  • Efficiently handle the delivery of application requirements by employing Mendix Epics and embracing Agile project management methodologies such as Kanban or Scrum.
  • Seamlessly integrate third-party DevOps and CI/CD tools through open APIs.
  • Facilitate collaborative work by enabling multiple developers to contribute to the same project simultaneously using Git version control.

Optimize your portfolio prioritization!

Leveraging planning tools for aligning development priorities and providing a consolidated perspective of your complete application portfolio, Mendix supports teams in averting technical debt, shadow IT, and resource misallocation.


Strategize and construct your application portfolio!

Mendix Portfolio Management offers a comprehensive view of all the applications your organization is in the process of planning, building, and maintaining.

Leverage the platform's value assessment, effort estimation, and resource planning features to prioritize projects that yield the highest value for both your organization and end users.

  • Manage digital initiatives and mitigate risks effectively.
  • Establish priority for projects and allocate resources judiciously.
  • Structure and organize your application landscape efficiently.
  • Plan, categorize, and identify value in the solutions you aim to deliver.
  • Effectively communicate business value and encourage the creation of more applications.

Administer your applications and data!

Mendix Connect and Control Center simplify the governance of both your application and data portfolios.

Gain real-time insights into your application portfolio, covering activities, application roles, version details, data sources, and cloud resources.

  • Keep track of application status and associated activities.
  • Proactively monitor updates and perform maintenance tasks.
  • Effectively manage cloud environments through the Control Center.
  • Utilize Mendix Connect to expand and organize your data portfolio.
  • Regulate ownership, management, and curation of data sources.

Administer your platform configuration.

Mendix manages all facets of your platform's technical security, alleviating the need for your developers to delve into these concerns. The platform incorporates built-in security and governance features, empowering teams to craft tailored experiences for both platform users and end users.


Administer using a reliable platform!

Mendix, recognized as the most secure low-code platform available, adheres to top-tier security and accessibility principles to guarantee that your applications attain the utmost standards.

The platform aligns with third-party security certifications and assurance reports, addressing identified security threats in both runtime and cloud environments.

  • Incorporating reactive, preventive, and defensive controls.
  • Subjecting the platform to monthly penetration testing.
  • Managing vulnerabilities effectively.
  • Providing integrated identity management support.
  • Ensuring continuous monitoring of your security posture.
  • Engaging in a vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) through HackerOne.
  • Adhering to third-party security certifications, reports, and standards.

Personalize platform and application experiences!

Mendix's embedded security controls empower you to customize both the platform and applications according to your organization's governance and compliance standards.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to enhance your applications by integrating your own components or third-party services and deploying them to the cloud environment of your choosing.

  • Choose to deploy on a public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises.
  • Build tailored platform experiences for both developers and end-users.
  • Implement guidelines and policies to mitigate risks effectively.
  • Centrally manage organizational branding across the platform and services.
  • Construct a design system for internal team or enterprise use, incorporating custom themes, branding, and UI behavior.

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