Intelligent Access Anywhere Learning Platform

An intelligent online learning experience platform that delivers an immersive learning experience through personalized content, engaging learning and actionable insights.

The data shows that the more a learner becomes engaged, the more likely they are to improve their knowledge, competence, confidence, and readiness.

Our client has an open learning platform that enables organizations to access curated content including proprietary resources and assets from other sources. It has highly flexible deployment options and can operate on its own or be integrated with HRIS and Learning Management Systems (LMS). The integration of adopting these rich learning through the course of the people touchpoints was the mission critical challenge as this was what determined the success of the platform.

On the go passive prompts on browsing behavior to relevant learning tracks

The go to common place for every employee engagement is the quest for answers through the mode of searching the web. The solution adopted an award-winning intelligent learning experience platform via a browser plug-in, so that the experience of passive prompt to the context of the browsing is available for all users throughout their workday, directly in their natural workflow.

The MERN stack technological enablement coupled with rich curated channels enabled through developer rich unit testing and integration testing made the platform extensible via webservice APIs to be browser enabled and the passive learning assistant.

Micro Learning through Multiple Modality and Ease of Content Discovery

Through the means of introducing Learning Playlist Platform, the user needs were supported through structured, on demand and reflective learning. The core functionality enables users to share knowledge easily and quickly, learn just in time using search and star rate/comment on the usefulness of resources loaded in the library.

The use of this data has further allowed for recommendations and personalization, becoming the basis on which decisions are made about individuals, teams, and organizational development, thereby channeling back to organizational growth and culture.

  • 12%

  • Improvement in Employee retention and career planning initiatives


  • Increase in visibility to organization level trend and interest.
  • Agile/Scrum CI/CD DevOps
  • Tech Stack: JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, Mocha, Chai, Jest, Chrome Debugger, ELK, SQL Server, Azure, Jira.