Power your innovations seamlessly with Mendix on AWS: where reliability meets limitless possibilities.

Attain total freedom in the cloud environment with Mendix's versatile deployment opportunities. Swift, frequent deployments on your terms are enabled through our cloud options. Embark on building new applications, revitalizing legacy systems, and advancing your digital transformation journey. Our adaptable multi-cloud features encompass high availability, strong security measures, and unparalleled reliability. Seamlessly deploy to our public Mendix Cloud, Mendix Cloud Dedicated, or Mendix for Private Cloud with a single click!

Reduce potential risks and optimize operational uptime with our cloud solutions, supported by the most reliable providers. Our cloud options boast resilience, scalability, and top-tier security measures.

  • By default, Mendix applications are inherently cloud-native, featuring containerization, portability, scalability, and inherent resilience.
  • Streamline processes by deploying with a single click to our public cloud, simplifying operations significantly.
  • We ensure industry-leading uptime with a guarantee of 99.95%, offering unparalleled mission-critical resilience, along with instantaneous backup and recovery capabilities.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of running and scaling Mendix applications on your preferred platform as your strategy progresses and evolves.
  • Achieve substantial impact with minimal operations by securely and effortlessly managing microservices for seamless changes.

Streamline your operational processes effortlessly using Mendix Cloud—an expedited and trusted avenue for deploying low-code applications swiftly. Operating on Cloud Foundry and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mendix Cloud prioritizes business continuity through high availability and fortified security measures, adapting flexibly to accommodate your enterprise's dynamic requirements.

The Mendix Cloud embodies essential features managed and hosted by Mendix itself. We handle your cloud operations, enabling you to concentrate on crafting and delivering revolutionary business applications.

  • Under the management and hosting of Mendix, we'll oversee all aspects from hosting to operations, while you retain control over application development and management.
  • Single-click deployment allows developers of varying skill levels to construct and deliver applications effortlessly.
  • Deploy with assurance, leveraging our 99.95% enterprise uptime guarantee, ensuring high availability and unparalleled reliability across global regions.
  • Leverage our embedded security and governance guidelines or establish your custom governance framework to ensure control and oversight.
  • Achieve impactful alterations securely and affordably through easily managed microservice applications, minimizing risks while maximizing results.


Take command and create a secure data isolation environment with Mendix for Private Cloud.

Host your applications using your chosen cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or OpenShift), or within your on-premises data center. Simplify operations through centralized management and utilize robust out-of-the-box resources while scaling as needed by your enterprise.

Ensure the highest levels of security, privacy, and control while adhering to commercial or regulatory requirements. Mendix for Private Cloud presents an isolated, Kubernetes-based cloud environment that grants enterprises complete control over operations, management, and deployment.


Important features of Mendix for Private Cloud

Customize your cloud environment to align with your enterprise requirements. Through Mendix for Private Cloud, your DevOps team holds complete authority over operations, management, and deployment.

Your DevOps team possesses full authority over application deployment and the entire application lifecycle.

Your DevOps team possesses full authority over application deployment and the entire application lifecycle.


Out-of-the-box high availability

Easily configure high availability for global regions using a straightforward, self-service approach.



Deploy on your preferred cloud provider or within your on-premises data center, offering flexibility and choice.


Simplify deployment with a single click!

Effortlessly deploy Mendix applications to any Kubernetes cluster operating within a private cloud environment or on on-premises infrastructure.


Built on Kubernetes

Mendix for Private Cloud stands as the sole low-code platform supporting the complete application lifecycle within a Kubernetes environment.


Unified administration

Stay current with patches, monitor logs, and schedule events from a single location.



Deploying a private cloud within your isolated air-gapped environment


What does the Private Mendix Platform entail?

The Private Mendix Platform stands as the sole product in the market capable of operating a low-code platform within a fully isolated environment.

Designed for enterprises with rigorous security demands or intricate governance requirements, the Private Mendix Platform facilitates streamlined low-code ideation, creation, development, and collaboration within private IT environments.


Important Features of Private Mendix Platform

The Private Mendix platform integrates with our Studio Pro IDE on developer machines through an on-premises software developer portal, accelerating app development within your organization.

Enabling a comprehensive developer experience, the Private Mendix Platform enables Studio Pro developers to connect to a portal hosted within a virtual private cloud. This portal offers API endpoints for a cohesive Mendix developer experience, even when operating within an externally isolated network.

Enable one-click deployment.
the entire product lifecycle and expedite time-to-value within private environments.

Collaborate and link.
Effortlessly integrate with essential services to develop and deploy Mendix applications seamlessly.

Generate ideas and engage in collaboration!
Participate in feedback collection, integrate JIRA and Azure DevOps stories, and utilize AI-assisted development.

Enhance adaptability!
Leverage CI/CD modules, MxPipelines, APIs, and webhooks to automate interactions with various services.

Maintain security and privacy.
Customize CI/CD pipelines to align with internal policies. Deploying to Private Cloud ensures the security of application workloads.

Administer your environment.
Enhance portfolio management by overseeing users, access permissions, resources, and privileged groups with greater control.

Versatility, safety, and authority are integral aspects of the Private Mendix Platform. This platform facilitates integration into diverse customer landscapes, offering flexibility in deployment options such as RedHat OpenShift, Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, or Google GKE to align with your preferences.

The Private Mendix Platform operates through Mendix for Private Cloud, leveraging the Mendix Operator. This assists in efficiently handling operational burdens related to application resource management and constructing the container image essential for operation. Additionally, deployment via Docker is also supported by the Private Mendix Platform.

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