Leading Education Advances Product

Transforming historical data labyrinth to behavioral & academic traits with suggestive outcomes

In a world where' knowledge is power' and academic organizations are the platform to furnish the need, educationalists are waking up to the unspoken rally cry of developing not just skill but quality people.

Our client is a leading education advances expert, who specializes in bringing student success through its non-intrusive, comprehensive, technologically enabled student life cycle service. The challenge was that there was hoards of information but no easy way to interpret it and arrive at insights to lead the student towards successful habits and efforts through seamless monitoring , custom course development and feedback.

The integrated core and data engineering experience of MX Techies came into action here. Historical information was translated into student metrics enabling the platform to have commitment assessment, a forecast measure, and a guided course design propelling higher achievement. Yes inherent predictive analysis and intelligence.

Historic Data Maze Turned Into Insights By Real Time Analytics & Predictive Models

With our skill mix of Python, Scala and Apache Kafka & Spark integration, our team created the ingestion pipelines and frameworks around the data sources found in typical universities, to flow into a data lake. Data quality and enrichment created parameters of behavior, actions, involvement footprint and scores. These translated to predictive models , which in-turn brought forth identification of risk based student communities with a clear history of why and how.

The MERN stack technological enablement coupled with data warehousing tools like RedShift shortened the data interpretation process from manual to automated & months to weeks, also effectively removed prejudice and compromise. The DevOps approach with the Agile/Scrum methodology was popularized by recruiting the academicians with providing visualization of their effectiveness, subject adoption and student success through Tableau.

Solution Positioning Upgrade Through Personalization

Through behavioural & sentimental analysis using Python, the solution now offered the student the timely prompts, insights into their favored community & on how to make relevant inroads for growth and therefore an opportunity to alter the behavior, improve grades and match their career ambition to a track of study, in a non-intrusive manner.

Personalization transformed the tool and the business value from being an information source tool to being the go - to-place for all the student needs.

  • 98%

  • Process enhancement. Enabled 40+ products to be tested through automation


  • Set Up Testing Centre of Excellence
  • Agile/Scrum CI/CD DevOps
  • Tech Stack; Node.js, React, Express, MongoDB, Elastic Search, AWS Lambda , Python, Scala, Spark, Kafka, HBase, Hive, Docker, Kubernetes Scala, Python Tableau R, Anaconda