Create applications without boundaries!

Mendix, the low-code application development platform, is constructed upon open standards and open-source technologies, presenting developers with boundless prospects to enhance both platform and application capabilities.

Effortlessly incorporate the platform into your existing technology stack, expand applications using customized code, utilize open APIs to dynamically modify models, and surpass the conventional constraints of low code. At every stage, Mendix remains open and adaptable, encouraging extensive development.



Tailor-Made Evolution: Customize the Mendix Platform to Suit Your Enterprise's Development Demands!


Mendix Platform Capabilities through APIs

The Mendix platform's fundamental features are available via APIs. Developers can link Mendix with current technologies, integrate third-party testing services, and employ automation services (such as Jenkins or GitLab) to streamline a CI/CD pipeline.

Options with Mendix Integration:

  • Merge Mendix with third-party systems and applications
  • Integrate Mendix into your established CI/CD pipeline.
  • Initiate application projects
  • Oversee sprints, stories, user feedback, permissions, and security.
  • Automate app migrations to alternative platforms using the Mendix Platform SDK

Mendix Models

Using the Mendix Model SDK, developers can delve into the heart of each Mendix application, encompassing microflows, customized widgets, security constraints, Java actions, and additional elements. We ensure complete openness, accessibility, and ease of sharing for these models.


Facilitate Legacy App Migration to the Cloud:

Access, modify, and examine the model of any application. Opt for customized migration methods to and from the Mendix platform.



Amplify Your Apps: Harness the Power of Reusable Components and Tailored Code for Enhanced Capabilities!


User Interface (UI)

Empower your app's front-end potential by utilizing custom-built widgets and actions crafted through JavaScript. Mendix enables developers to harness open frameworks such as React Native, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and Mendix's Atlas UI to create captivating web and mobile app interfaces.

  • Leverage the Mendix Client JavaScript library to establish connections with data, logic, and pages modeled in your Mendix Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Employ readily available open-source libraries using tools like Node Package Manager (NPM).
  • Integrate third-party React Native components to elevate the User Experience (UX) for native mobile applications.

Connecting Systems

Mendix seamlessly integrates with your array of third-party software tools and technologies, supporting REST, SOAP, GraphQL, and JDBC protocols. Developers benefit from increased efficiency within Mendix by effortlessly accessing and exposing information present in your current application portfolio.

  • Facilitate Low-Code Data Integration with Mendix Connect:
  • Access open standards and third-party services effortlessly within Mendix applications
  • Instantly expose real-time Mendix app data for consumption in various BI tools such as Tableau, analytics platforms like SAS and R, or in Excel using Mendix's OData support with just one click.

Execution Environment

Mendix leverages Scala and Java to implement its runtime, operating within the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), ensuring seamless portability across various environments. Developers can harness custom Java/Scala code to broaden the potential of the Mendix Runtime.

Enhance the Platform's Execution Capabilities with Java Actions:

  • Expand the runtime capabilities of the platform using Java actions!
  • Utilize established Java/Scala libraries within your applications.
  • Manage your dependencies effectively with tools like Maven and Gradle


Mendix is inherently cloud-native, ensuring that applications are containerized, transportable, and inherently robust. With our versatile multi-cloud functionality, developers have the flexibility to deploy applications according to their preferences, supported by our unwavering commitment to high availability, robust security, and unparalleled reliability.

  • Instantly Deploy Apps to Your Preferred Architecture
  • Utilize our multi-cloud capabilities across Mendix Cloud, Mendix Cloud Dedicated, Mendix for Private Cloud, or on-premises environments.
  • Expedite solutions delivery with our industry-leading 99.95% enterprise uptime guarantee!

Why MXTechies?

Build Applications 10X faster with 70% fewer resources.

Increase developer productivity and capacity.

Application for any channel, any device, online and offline, smart, and connected.

Easily embed automation into core systems.

Extend automation without limitation.

Integrate data and logic from any data source, system, or service.

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