Transforming delighted customers into loyal brand evangelists through personalized omnichannel experiences

Did you know it costs a business about 5-25X more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one? Not only that, but existing customers spend 67% more than new customers.

In a world where hundreds of different options for virtually any product or service a customer might purchase, when a customer keeps coming back to a brand, it indicates that the value they get from being a customer outweighs the potential benefit of a lower price or a different product from another brand. Our client is a comprehensive loyalty management platform for businesses. The release cycle time and go to market for their customer deployment were long stretched due to testability being the bottleneck.

MX Techies partnered to introduce testability to a very rich feature set that was being enhanced rapidly. The severe backlog of testing caused the release time to be delayed 10x times.

Delivered Speedy Release Cycles Through Introducing CI/CD Pipeline for Automating Testing

The client had a very exhaustive and robust platform providing great value to her clients through their retainer insights and means. However, the road to market time was very steep for any enhancement or fix. We methodically implemented DevOps CI/CD process for the testing cycle starting from creating pipeline in Jenkins to automating their entire testing solution.

As an outcome 2 weeks of Manual testing effort reduced to sequential execution of the automated test cases in just 10 hours. To speed-up the process, our team improvised it to a parallel execution approach which further reduced the turnaround time to 4 hours.

Culture of Pro-Active Test Enabled Platform to Enter Other Geographic Locations

With the speedy release cycles being established, expanding business by performing deployment in different geological locations of end clients became possible. To enhance customer experience in localized manner, the platform needed a UI upgrade and deep enhancements. This would impact the entire testing automation that was implemented based on the UI.

Our team pro-actively modified the UI based testing on to the page object model framework thereby making every feature upgrade to the UI a quick update to the test cases and thereby not affecting the release cycles. This won great trust and confidences, inviting us to setup the testing center of excellence and be their assurance partner provide 24/7 support for the platform in US & PAN-Asia


  • Agile/Scrum CI/CD DevOps
  • Tech Stack; CI/CD: Jenkins Build Automation: Maven, Docker Tools: Selenium, TestNG Technology: Java, Golang Robot framework: Selenium library API: REST Assured