A state-of-the-art digital transformation platform designed specifically for the insurance industry.

Every insurance company today faces the challenge of delivering digital solutions that effortlessly connect with current systems, comply with policies and regulations, and most importantly deliver incomparable customer experience. With Gartner predicting that by 2024, over 65% of development will happen on low-code technology, Mendix, the global leader in Low Code Technology, provides innovative solutions and key digital capabilities to develop custom applications rapidly for insurance companies.

Let your Business Transformation improve rapidly with MXTechies’ Insurance Services using Mendix!

  • MXTechies' digital transformation expertise in the Insurance space is designed to help insurers optimize customer experience, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance competitive position.
  • Leverage analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to gain insights into customer behaviour and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Platform provides ability to personalize customer experiences to build loyalty and drive engagement.
  • Insurance industry needs agility and innovation to meet customer expectations for instantaneous and efficient responses. MXTechies helps you achieve these levels seamlessly.
  • We provide world class digital solutions that effortlessly connect with current systems, comply with policies and regulations, and deliver superior customer experience.

How Mendix can be applied across key departments in Insurance:

A smarter platform for better results.
  • Mendix for Underwriting:

    Experience a rich and vivid Enterprise App Development experience with MX Techies . We help you build high-impactful apps at speed and scale that helps you resolve any challenge in your business. We also assist you in building world-class software solutions that enables you to achieve all your business goals efficiently.

  • Mendix for Distribution:

    Mendix allows businesses to quickly launch products and go to market, digitize experiences with customers, intermediaries, and home-office staff, and stand out from the competition. With Mendix, businesses can move quickly and efficiently, and create unique, digital experiences with ease. Mendix is the perfect choice for companies looking to quickly launch products, digitize experiences and go-to-market rapidly. With state-of-the-art technology, Mendix enables customers, intermediaries, and home-office staff to quickly access quality solutions that can be tailored to their needs, regardless of the distribution model. Investing in Mendix's advanced technology will give your company an edge over the competition.

  • Mendix for Claims:

    Improve efficiency of claims processes by eliminating paper and providing applications that are always-on. Connect backend applications with apps used onsite and deliver excellent customer experiences. Enhance the effectiveness of claims processes by eliminating paper and providing applications that are constantly available. Connect backend applications with applications used onsite and provide outstanding customer experiences.

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Why build with Mendix rather than buy off-the-shelf?

  • Mendix provides tools to quickly assemble personalized user experiences, including integrated data, UI tools, and automated workflow functions.
  • Out-of-the-box templates enable customization for each user profile.
  • Connectors to third-party APIs like social media and cloud services allow insurers to quickly respond to market conditions.
  • Comprehensive set of analytics tools measure the success of distribution efforts, enabling improvements and optimizing user experience.
  • Mendix platform offers speed, flexibility, and scalability to rapidly launch and adjust product offerings in insurance distribution space.
  • Platform enables adjusting product offerings to suit changing customer needs.