Disruptive platform to translate energy demand profiles into actionable economic outcomes.

With the increasing demand for forecasting, measuring, and optimizing energy consumption, our customer needed their proprietary energy peak shaving algorithms and market-leading optimization software to perform rapid business forecasting & data analysis for 3,000 + sites and 80,000 + operating market hours.

The evolving world is permeated with green projects. Green technology & sustainability on one hand and revolutionary digitization on the other. Our customer bridges by providing innovative proprietary energy demand solutions. But the challenge here was to fulfill the client base's increasing scaling requirements and bridge the information analysis divide.

This is where MX Techies came in. By assisting the customer move from the current Monolithic Architecture to Microservices & eventually to a Serverless one, we enabled our client to help its customers and enhance their energy decision-making.

Refactored Monolithic Giant to Effective Microservice Cluster Before Going Serverless

Built on a monolithic architecture, the current system performed several batch operations to retrieve data insights for a specific data science algorithm which made business forecast time-consuming. It also added great pressure to the number of computing resources consumed in generating results.

Before addressing the scaling requirements, the underlying architecture was first commissioned to embrace agility and become interdependent yet independently manageable service through the implementation of Microservice Architecture.

Seamless Adoption of New Business Models

In terms of dashboard reporting, the new robust platform also presented enhanced real-time data analysis which made business decisions 75% faster than before. Location-based analytics, on the use of electricity, was enhanced to have actionable events that enabled additional electricity to be sold back to the grid, thereby giving new additional means to generate revenue.

This enhancement transformed the business model from an information-based action system to a self-healing, self-coordinated & self-scheduling model based on predictive events.


  • Set Up Testing Centre of Excellence
  • Agile/Scrum CI/CD DevOps
  • Core App Stack; NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, REDIS
  • Serverless Stack: Python, Scala, Aka AWS Lambda
  • 75%

  • improvement in business decision making response times
  • 95%

  • Adherence to sprint and release cycles