In this post, we will explore some points to prove that Testing is always exciting in Mendix.

We do repetitive tasks to meet basic needs in order to be able to do the things we love. It's the same for testers. After we do the basics, we'll break things down. Yes, breaking things is exciting in Mendix.

Quality Assurance – We Always Have An eye for details:

Quality assurance is all about testing and validating each bug correction in general and especially in Mendix. If we continue to find many bugs, QA is frequently and mistakenly seen as a problem- finder. In fact, we are the ones who convey the most vital findings to the developers i.e. the defects. However, becoming a successful Mendix platform tester needs a distinct mindset. We can confidently assert that we are extremely crucial for successful delivery of applications. We should be delighted to use our "episodic memory" to review documents real swiftly, according to feature changes and new features.

Bug Magnet:

The developers can fix bugs and work on new upgrades and changes rapidly, especially when it comes to the Mendix platform. We may also function as a "Bug Magnet" by leveraging Mendix's built-in test suites to discover problems.

There is nothing more fulfilling than finishing a project and handing off a bug-free product to customers after putting your heart and soul into it. We also have the vision for creating the UI/UX component, so we can offer suggestions to enhance the application's visual appeal.

Testing in Mendix helps to ensure that applications are reliable, functional, and meet the needs of users. By testing early and often, developers can identify and fix issues quickly, reducing the likelihood of costly rework and improving the overall quality of the application.

Testing is an important element of the software development process, and Mendix provides several benefits when it comes to testing. Here are some benefits of testing in Mendix:

    a) Automated Testing: Mendix enables automated testing, which lowers the need for manual testing and speeds up testing.

    b) Easy to create and execute tests: The Mendix platform includes testing components such as a test runner and a test suite (ATS).

    c) Collaboration: Several developers may collaborate on the same projects and share tests, making it easier to detect and fix issues.

    d) Regression Testing: Mendix supports regression, which includes re-testing, which aids in the detection of errors and minimizes the probability of introducing new flaws.

    e) Integration Testing: Mendix enables integration testing, which aids in the identification of any difficulties that may develop while combining several components.

“Testing is not a boring job at all. It can stress you to your limitations.” As quoted by Michael Bolton,

“Testing is a continuous learning process by exploring, discovering, and investigating the information you have”.

If you enjoy testing in Mendix, you are less likely to find it boring. Testing may eventually get tedious. Yet, you must tolerate some amount of repetition. You must discover new ways to add diversity and new ideas to your everyday tasks.

It may be transient boredom, but you must conquer it and guarantee that it does not occur again. How do I do that? Below are what I do when this feeling comes to mind. I’m sure these will work for you as well.

    a) Be inspired by compelling long-term goals.

    b) Upgrade your skills: - Specialize in any testing skills as well as other soft skills such as communication.

    c) Constantly reward yourself when you achieve your goals, no matter how modest they are. Celebrate and have fun.

    d) Collaborate with other QA teams of Mendix from different projects: - Study their routine and learn from it.

    e) If you are a senior, assist others in learning the testing concepts in Mendix.

    f) Regularly declutter your desk: Keeping things tidy is a habit of successful individuals.

    g) Avoid being trapped in a rut: - Learn fresh strategies to improve your job performance. Bring in a new procedure if you believe something isn't operating as it should in Mendix.

    h) Avoid negative people: - Engage in activities that fascinate and motivate you.

Hash It Out:

"Because he can take it... because he's not a hero... he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector... a Dark Knight".

“Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known. “— George E. P. Box

Testing in Mendix is an exciting, challenging, and fun-filled job.

To feel it, simply think in that manner!

We hope this post has inspired you to make some fresh adjustments. Happy testing!