This module –

  • Checks and verifies BIN (Bank Identification Number) for both credit card and debit cards.
  • BIN Checker API uses the first 6 digits of an issuer card to retrieve the information.
  • BIN is used to validate card issuer information through the BIN database which helps to prevent online fraud.



  • Create an account on the API Layer (http://surl.li/jubwg) and subscribe to the "BIN Checker API" category from the API Layer marketplace (http://surl.li/jxguo)

  • Collect the API Key of your API Layer account

  • Add the API Key value to the constant APIKey under BIN Checker API module

  • Reuse the ACT_VerifyBinChecker microflow in your logics by passing Bank Identification Number (BIN) as a String input parameter.