This widget is used to record audio and convert into base64 value then you can store as mendix file object.


Web Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder widget is used to record the audio and convert the audio to base64value.


Mendix version Above 9


Place this widget inside the data view and create object to the Chosen Entity for data view.

Add one Attribute with string (unlimited) in that Entity.

Use OnChange microflow to save Audio to file Object.


  • Create entity like this below

  • Place this inside data view to use widget.

    Create Data source Microflow to store Base64 value coming from widget in to the String Attribute of that Entity.

  • OCH Microfow below to convert base64 to file

    Converting Base64 String value to File using Community commons Java Action.

  • Decode

  • onclick to start record

  • Again onclick to Stop record