Month and year picker provides a flexible month picker widget in the Bootstrap style.



Feature rich datepicker based on

Demo URL https://mydemoversion8-sandbox.mxapps.io/p/datepickers.

Typical usage scenario

Date picker is cases where more options are required.

Features and limitations

  • Optionally starts when entering the field, typing a date is also possible

  • Optionally inline (always show calendar)

  • First day of the week option

  • Show week number option

  • Option to make days of the week not selectable

  • Version for a date range to enter two dates

  • Optional autoclose

  • Optional highlight today

  • Add a time (default 12:00) to the date

  • Limit the date relative to current date. e.g. +/- 3 months.

  • English, German, French and Dutch languages.

  • Optional startview to start on year or month level