This module utilizes the API provided by Microsoft Azure to translate text into any of the languages supported by the service.



This module utilises the API provided by Microsoft Azure to Translate Text.



  • Create an account on the Microsoft Azure  http://surl.li/klgja
  • Collect the API Key of your Microsoft Azure account
  • Add the API Key value to the constant APIKey under AzureTranslator module
  • Add AzureCloudTranslator_Overview to the navigation
  • Add ExcelImportOverview to the Navigation
  • Add MxObjects_Overview to the Navigation
  • Reuse IVK_ImportTemplateDocument on ImportFile action of ExcelImportOverview page
  • Download the Language codes file from  http://surl.li/klgja
  • After running your application, do the MxModel Reflection & configure the template and import the downloaded file

For more details refer to Microsoft Azure Translation documentation  http://surl.li/klgja