This Module helps to integrate with WhatsApp Business Cloud for Medium and Large Businesses



WhatsApp Cloud API is the cloud version of WhatsApp Business API provided directly by Meta, allowing businesses & developers to build on top of WhatsApp to customize their experiences and respond to customers quickly & easily

The Following features can be accessible via this module:

  • Text Messages  :  Allows to Send normal text messages to users
  • Media Messages  :  Allows to Send Media messages to users (Image, Audio, Video, Document and sticker)
  • Location  :  Allows to send any location to users using Latitude and Longitude
  • Business Phone Numbers  :  Allows to get all the registered Business Phone Number(From)
  • Templates  :  Allows to get all the templates available in WhatsApp Account

Check the Module ReadMe Snippet to more details and guidelines.


  • Mendix modeler 9.12.4
  • Developer Account in WhatsApp Cloud API with Facebook Account

Developer Account Creation Steps:

  • Register as a Facebook Developer as mentioned in https://shorturl.at/otHRZ

  • Create an App as mentioned in https://shorturl.at/yBOR0 and choose WhatsApp in App Dashoboard

  • To Initiate Messaging ,Send a Text Message to the recipient as mentioned in https://shorturl.at/prEZ8 and once you received sample (Hello_World)message reply with any messages to allow the user to get any future messages