Using Chat Completion module, you can build your applications with OpenAI’s most advanced chat-based language model. This generates human-like responses to user queries and conversations. The chat model takes a series of messages as input and return a model-generated message as output.


Open AI Chat-Completion



As a language model, it’s capable of performing various tasks, these are just a few examples:

  • Answering general knowledge questions
  • Providing definitions and explanations
  • Translation between languages
  • Generating creative writing, such as stories or poems
  • Helping with homework or academic research
  • Engaging in casual conversation on a wide range of topics


Mendix modeler 9.6.15


  • Create an account in OpenAI. (https://shorturl.at/kmDX3)

  • Sign in your account and generate a new Secret key under API key section (https://shorturl.at/rFIL2)

  • Add the API key to a constant entitled CONST_ChatGPT_API_Key in the application module.

  • Add the ChatModel_Page to the Navigation to access the chat window.