This Module helps to generate an event link for Google Calendar, Yahoo,Calendar, Microsoft Outlook.


Calendar Event Link

This Module helps to generate an event link for Google Calendar, Yahoo, Calendar, Microsoft Outlook.


  • Mendix modeler 9.12.4.


Title : Event Title

This is the name or title of the event. It provides a brief description of what the event is about.

Start : Event Start Time

This indicates the specific date and time when the event begins. It marks the point at which the event starts.

End : Event End Time

This represents the date and time when the event concludes or ends. It marks the point at which the event finishes.

Duration Value : Duration of the Event

This is the length of time the event takes. It could be specified in hours, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, or other time units, depending on the event's nature.

Duration Unit : Units for Duration (e.g., days, weeks, months, years, hours, minutes,seconds, milliseconds)

This specifies the unit of measurement used to express the duration. It can be in days, weeks, months, years, hours, minutes, seconds, or even milliseconds

All-Day : Is this an All-Day Event?

This is a yes or no question indicating whether the event is an all-day event, meaning it spans the entire day without a specific start and end time.

Recurring Rule Frequency : Frequency of Recurring Events

If the event is recurring, this parameter defines how often it repeats. Common frequencies include daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Recurring Rule Count: Number of Recurrences

In the case of recurring events, this indicates how many times the event will occur in total.

Description : Event Details

This is a text field where you can provide more information about the event, such as its purpose, agenda, or any other relevant details.

Location : Event Location

This field specifies where the event will take place. It can be an address or any description of the venue.

Busy : Mark as Busy on Calendar?

This question is about whether the event should be marked as a busy or occupied time slot on the calendar. A "busy" event typically indicates unavailability during that time.

Guests : Email Addresses of Other Attendees

If the event involves other people, you can list their email addresses in this field to invite them or inform them about the event.

URL : URL to Calendar Document

This is a web link that can direct users to a document or webpage related to the event, such as an agenda, RSVP page, or additional information.

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