Hello, to the folks online in the world of words! Are you ready to elevate your career in Mendix platform? The Intermediate Mendix Certification is your ticket to become a highly skilled Mendix developer. In this blog, I will be taking you through the journey of my intermediate Mendix certification.


In the world of software development, there are journeys that define us, and there are journeys that transform us. My journey to Intermediate Mendix Certification was both—a thrilling adventure that pushed me beyond my limits and ultimately shaped my career in a dynamic way that I could never have imagined. Today, I will be sharing with you the tale of my very own odyssey through the Intermediate Mendix Certification. This is not just a story - it’s a chronicle of the knowledge I gained, and my ultimate success in earning the certification.

Okay! Let's set aside the cheesy introductions and dive straight into my story. Are you ready to join me on this journey?


As a budding Mendix developer, I had already experienced the transformative power of low-code development using the Mendix platform. But I knew there was more to explore, to learn, and to achieve and I had a thirst to level up my skills in Mendix. That's when the idea of pursuing the Intermediate Mendix Certification began to take root.

Before beginning my journey towards Intermediate Mendix Certification, it was crucial for me to understand the profound motivations that drove forward!


Career Advancement : Mendix is a leading low-code platform, and certified developers are in high demand. This certification can open doors to new job opportunities and career growth.

Skill Validation : It's not just about the certification - it's about proving your mastery of Mendix. This validation boosts your confidence and expertise.

Driven by a clear purpose, I started my preparation with unwavering determination.


After setting up my mind towards the certification, the below were the main ingredients towards this exquisite path:.

Explored Mendix Documentation : It is the source where I found detailed explanations and best practices related to the Mendix platform. From understanding the basics to mastering advanced concepts, the documentation was my constant companion.

Enrolled in Mendix Learning path : To further solidify my Mendix skills, I enrolled in Mendix Intermediate level learning paths. These structured learning modules offered a systematic way to acquire knowledge. Here are some learning paths that I had covered:

  • Constrain Your Data Using Xpath : This learning path focuses on teaching the basics of Xpath and how to effectively limit, filter, and refine the data that is being retrieved from a database in Mendix applications.

    In this course, I learned how to use XPath expressions to query and manipulate data within Mendix applications. This includes specifying criteria to filter data, sorting data, and performing calculations on data sets.

  • Create an App with Advanced Page Building : This learning path introduced me to more advanced page-building techniques.

    In this course, I learned how to add custom branding to an app by creating building blocks, snippets, navigation layouts, and adding a new theme. And also learned how to use a variety of existing page templates to create beautiful pages, like wizards and a custom login page.

  • Building an Event App Using Microflows : This path made me understand about front-end, navigation and pages using rules, sub-microflows, microflow expressions, annotations, decisions, loops, aggregate functions and scheduled events.

  • Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills : This path made me to gain knowledge about Multiple associations between two entities, Entity event handlers, non-persistent entities and calculated attributes, Cross-module associations and System members.

Enrolled Rapid to Intermediate program : This fast-track program is designed for Siemens/Mendix partner employees to get to know Mendix foundations quickly and become Rapid Developers within eight half-days. I received trainer guidance at the beginning of every second course day (3 hours on days 1, 3, 5, and 7. 12 hours in total) and work through 6 exam-relevant, Intermediate level learning paths mostly on my own. Collaboration among colleagues for solutions is encouraged.

Active Engagement with the Community : It's a thriving community of developers, experts, and enthusiasts where people can help each other, share ideas, and get answers to questions about building apps with Mendix. Recognizing the value of this community, I actively engaged with it. One important component of this community is Mendix Forum.

Mendix Forum : It is my go-to destination where I was seeking answers to questions or grappling with concepts unfamiliar with Mendix development. It's a supportive online community where one can post your queries, share your challenges, and receive valuable assistance from experienced Mendix developers and enthusiasts.

So, whenever I find myself in need of guidance or clarification in Mendix, I would turn to the Mendix Forum. It's a valuable resource for expanding our understanding and growing as a Mendix developer.

After completing my preparation, the moment had arrived to take my online examination.


On the day when I had to take the exam, I had that test anxiety as every beginner will have. But I trusted my preparations and I started to take exam online.

The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions based on theory and practical scenarios, the passing grade is 75% and have hour + 30 minutes to finish the exam.

NOTE : This exam is a closed-book exam, which means the use of resources is not allowed

I carefully went through all the questions, reviewing them thoroughly. Finally, I completed my exam. The journey to get to this point had been tough and required a lot of effort, but it had prepared me thoroughly.

When the results arrived, I felt both relieved and happy at the same time. I have earned the Intermediate Mendix Certification. Armed with this certification, I am ready to explore advanced topics and take on more significant challenges.


It’s just the conclusion of the blog but not the conclusion of my Mendix journey. As I reflect on this journey, I am reminded that learning is a lifelong adventure. The pursuit of mastery is a continuous process, and each milestone reached is merely a stepping stone to the next. The Intermediate Mendix Certification, while a significant achievement, is not the end - it's a beginning—an invitation to explore even greater depths of low-code innovation.

Mendixers! Altogether, we shall code on, and our Mendix journey shall shine brighter than the pixels on our screens!

Are you motivated to dive into the advanced level with me?