The significance of data protection has increased due to the rising number of data breaches and cyberattacks in today’s digital world. As a low- code platform, Mendix provides a secure terrain for developing and planting apps. This blog focuses on the use of AES encryption JavaScript in Mendix's end- to- end encryption module.

The AES encryption algorithm is generally used to cipher and decipher data. It's a symmetric encryption system, meaning that the same key is used for both encryption and decryption. AES encryption is extensively regarded as one of the safest encryption styles.

End- to- end encryption module is used in the Mendix platform to cover data during transmission from the sender to the receiver. Data is translated at the bumps, and it remains translated throughout the transmission process. Access to the data is limited only to the sender and receiver.

To apply end- to- end encryption in Mendix, JavaScript conduct are used to increase the platform's functionality. A new JavaScript action is created in the Mendix design, which is used to write a function that secures data with the AES encryption algorithm.

The function takes the data to be translated and the encryption key as inputs and encrypts the data using the CryptoJS library and the AES encryption algorithm.

Currently, a function needs to be developed for decoding the data exercising the AES encryption algorithm. The function would have two arguments- the translated data and the decryption key. It'll use the CryptoJS library to decipher the data using the AES encryption algorithm.

Once the encryption and decryption functions are enforced, they can be used in the Mendix design. The decryption point can be used to recoup translated data from a Mendix database.

In conclusion, Mendix's end- to- end encryption module uses AES encryption with JavaScript to insure safe data transmission. AES encryption is an extensively used and secure encryption algorithm. The End- to- End Encryption module in the Mendix Marketplace can be used to apply end- to- end encryption and increase the platform's functionality.