"Welcome to a World of Limitless User Experience: Unleashing the Power of Mendix 10's Enhanced Features!"

Are you ready to witness the future of app development with unmatched user experience enhancements?!!

But before we dive into the world of user experience, let's reflect on the groundbreaking feature updates we explored in our previous blog series - Mendix 10 Future of Low Code Development Platform: Exciting Updates and Game-Changing Features! – Part 1. From embracing the ML revolution to supercharging workflows, Mendix 10's feature updates have set the stage for an extraordinary user experience.

Now, we embark on a thrilling journey through Mendix 10's latest features that redefine the boundaries of low-code innovation. Get low code immerse yourself in the ultimate fusion of no-code and low-code in Mendix's IDE, embrace the freedom of the cloud, and experience unprecedented security with the Best Practice Bot. Elevate your development game with personalized styling, intelligent suggestions, and bulletproof app security. Hold on tight as we unlock seamless conversions, harness the power of enumerations, and dive into a stylish dark mode experience. Join us on this extraordinary ride, where Mendix 10 revolutionizes user experience, one enhancement at a time!

Elevating User Experience with Seamless Enhancements using Mendix 10:

Page URL: Revamped Page URLs for Enhanced Functionality:

Say goodbye to the old and embrace the new! Mendix has given page URLs a major makeover, paving the way for groundbreaking functionalities.

With Studio Pro, you now have the power to harness multiple page parameters, unleash the full potential of attribute usage, and freely position variable segments anywhere in the URL.

Get ready to experience a whole new level of flexibility and control over your app's navigation.

Cloud: Embrace Cloud Freedom

Experience Enhanced Control with Self-Service Capabilities and Expanded Cloud Provider Support!

With Self-Service Capabilities, you have the freedom to customize and manage your experience like never before. Tailor your settings, preferences, and configurations to align with your unique needs. No more waiting for support or relying on others. Empower yourself to make changes and optimize your workflow with ease.

Aggregate List: Supercharged Aggregate List Activity

Prepare to be blown away by the jaw-dropping enhancements to the Aggregate list activity. Mendix have introduced two powerful aggregation functions that will revolutionize how you handle list operations.

"All" and "Any" functions empower you to effortlessly check if an expression holds true for every or any item in a list. But that's not all! Introducing the awe-inspiring "Reduce" aggregation, which enables you to transform a list of values into a single value using a customizable expression. Unleash your creativity and witness the magic of these game-changing upgrades!

Unlock the Power of Aggregation: 'Count' your Way to Success with Aggregate List Action!

In the world of Mendix, the Aggregate List action takes center stage. And by default, it sets the variable name to 'Count'—a simple yet powerful way to track and analyze your data.

No more confusion or guesswork. With Mendix's default variable name, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your list operations and gain valuable insights. Whether you're counting items, tracking progress, or making data-driven decisions, 'Count' is your go-to variable for success.

So, embrace the default and unleash the full potential of your Aggregate List action. Let 'Count' be your guiding star as you navigate through the exciting realm of aggregation. Get ready to take your data analysis to the next level with Mendix!

Nanoflow: Unleash the Nanoflow Power

Introducing the extraordinary "Clear from device" nanoflow activity, your key to taking control of entity objects in the device database. With this cutting-edge feature, you can effortlessly clear objects without synchronizing them with the server database, providing unprecedented flexibility and control.

The best part? Your app's references to these cleared objects remain intact, ensuring a seamless user experience. It's time to embrace the power of nanoflows and revolutionize your app's data management.

Enhanced OQL Attribute Handling: Improved Functionality and Null Value Consideration!

OQL attribute handling improvements: In OQL, "Attribute = $Parameter" now checks if the attribute is empty when the parameter is a collection containing only a null value. This works with the parameter on either side.

With an infinite range null value will not be ignored and range ending null is no longer ignored.

Embrace these OQL enhancements and unlock a new level of control and accuracy in your data queries. Experience improved attribute handling and null value management, empowering you to work with greater confidence and efficiency.

Stay ahead of the game with Mendix's advanced OQL capabilities and harness the full potential of your data queries!

Best Practice Bot: Welcome to Best Practice Bot: Your Ultimate App Enhancement Companion

Get ready to meet your new virtual co-developer, the Best Practice Bot! Formerly known as MxAssist Performance Bot, this extraordinary companion goes beyond app performance evaluation.

With an expanded scope covering security, naming conventions, and more, the Best Practice Bot identifies development anti-patterns, locates areas for improvement, and provides invaluable suggestions to optimize your app model.

Upgrade to Mendix 10 and unlock a world of app excellence with the Best Practice Bot by your side!

Embrace Personalized Styling: Mendix Automatically Adapts Modeler Theme to Your OS Color Preferences!

Mendix now automatically detects the color preferences set in your operating system, allowing for seamless integration with your OS theme.

With this enhancement, you no longer need to manually configure your Modeler Theme. Simply navigate to Edit -> Preferences -> Work Environment, and Mendix will automatically adjust the Modeler Theme to match your OS color preferences. Immerse yourself in a cohesive and visually pleasing development experience, tailored to your unique style.

Stay true to your style with Mendix's automatic Modeler Theme adjustment. Let your operating system's color preferences shape your development experience and enjoy a workspace that feels truly yours. Get ready to code in style!

Elevating Intelligent Suggestions: Mendix Goes Beyond Common Patterns to Enhance Type Recommendations!

Mendix has an exciting update that takes type suggestions to new heights in Mendix. Previously, suggestions were based on common patterns in applications. But now, we've gone one step further by considering the attributes and their types already present in your project.

With this enhancement, Mendix intelligently analyzes your project's attributes, considering the existing data types and patterns you've established. This means that the type suggestions provided are even more accurate and tailored to your specific project requirements.

But that's not all! Mendix also introduced automatic enumeration document setting. When an enumeration type is suggested, Mendix will now make the process even smoother by automatically setting the enumeration document. This streamlines your workflow and saves you valuable time, ensuring a seamless development experience.

Embrace these advanced recommendations and experience the power of intelligent type suggestions in Mendix. Let the system leverage your project's attributes and intelligently set enumeration documents, empowering you to code with greater efficiency and precision. Stay one step ahead with Mendix's enhanced type suggestions!

Bulletproof Your App Security: Take Control with Your Own IdP and Enhanced Guardrails at Every Level!

Take control of authentication with your own Identity Provider, ensuring stricter access management and increased protection.

Stay ahead of security risks with enhanced guardrails that actively detect vulnerabilities throughout the application lifecycle.

Fortify your application's defenses and safeguard sensitive data with confidence.

Empower your security strategy and build a strong security posture with these powerful enhancements.

Dark Mode: Immerse Yourself in a Stylish Dark Mode Experience

Mendix have modernized the "New Document" dialog and the “Message Definition” Editor to seamlessly support dark mode.

Now, when you create a new document or work with message definitions, you can enjoy a sleek and visually appealing interface that blends perfectly with your dark mode preferences. Say goodbye to bright backgrounds and embrace the elegance of dark mode as you navigate through these essential features.

With this update, we ensure a consistent and eye-friendly experience, allowing you to focus on your development tasks without straining your eyes.

Stay productive, reduce eye fatigue, and code in style with these modernized features. It's time to embrace the dark side of development!

Splash Screen: Mendix 10 Studio Pro Makes a Stylish Entrance!

Mendix 10 Studio Pro with dynamic splash screen themes every time when opening the Mendix studio pro.

Streamlined Configuration for Pluggable Widgets: Improved Label Visibility and Simplified Data Source Selection!

Enhanced Label Visibility: Pluggable widgets with a Label system property now have the Show label option set to "Yes" by default. This means that labels will be displayed by default, saving you time, and ensuring consistency across your application.

Improved Data Source Selection: Pluggable widgets that rely on a database, XPath, or association data source now can choose an entity path from any nearby data widget. This powerful feature allows you to access data from different sources within the same code snippet, making your code more versatile and efficient.

Simplified Association Property Configuration: Configuring pluggable widgets with association properties has been made simpler. When selecting an association, the selectable object data source is automatically configured with a default database source. Additionally, switching from a database to an XPath data source preserves the constraints and entity path that was previously selected, ensuring a seamless transition.

These improvements bring enhanced usability and efficiency to the configuration process of pluggable widgets. Enjoy a more intuitive experience as you customize labels, select data sources, and configure association properties with ease.

Upgrade your development workflow with these pluggable widget enhancements and unlock new levels of productivity and flexibility in your Mendix applications!


As we conclude this captivating blog , it's evident that Mendix 10 has redefined what's possible in app development, delivering unforgettable user experiences. From Page URL to the freedom of secure workflows and the power of cloud integration, Mendix 10 has revolutionized the way we build applications. With tools like the Best Practice Bot, personalized styling, and elevated suggestions, Mendix 10 empowers developers to create apps that surpass expectations.

So, embrace the power of Mendix 10's user experience enhancements, and elevate your apps to new heights. Unleash the potential of dark mode, streamline configurations, and make a stylish entrance with the splash screen. With Mendix 10, your apps will captivate and delight users like never before. The future of app development is here, and it's powered by Mendix 10's exceptional user experience enhancements. Get ready to transform your development journey and leave a lasting impression with Mendix 10.

Stay tuned for our upcoming final blog , "Mendix 10 Future of Low Code Development Platform: Exciting Updates and Game-Changing Features! – Part 3," where we will dive into the no Longer supported prior to Mendix 10 (Farewell to Outdated Features and Functionalities Prior to Mendix 10).