AI Voice Cloning in Mendix : The Next Frontier of Personalization

"In this virtual meetup, we will be exploring the exciting possibilities of using voice cloning technology in Mendix. This technology allows us to create digital replicas of human voices, which can be used to enhance the user experience, improve accessibility, and bring a new dimension of interactivity to Mendix applications. We will be discussing various use cases of Voice Cloning technology implementation while exploring its potential benefits and sharing the best practices for implementation."

Our Speakers

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Karthikeyan is an Advanced Certified Senior Mendix Developer with MXTechies. He has a successful track record of designing, developing, and deploying intricate enterprise-level applications, consistently delivering high-quality solutions to global enterprise clients. With a strong Mendix development background and a passion for AI and ML, Karthikeyan is adept at offering valuable insights and providing consulting to organizations aiming to harness the power of AI and ML in their Mendix applications.

Karthikeyan Gopalan,
Senior Mendix Consultant

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Vinith is a Mendix Intermediate Certified Developer with MXTechies and the runner-up of MXHacks2023 in the APAC region. Vinith's creative ideas and passion for low-code applications have enabled him to successfully finish various complex Mendix projects. He has extensive experience in creating, developing, and managing applications and databases for some of the largest enterprises clients using Mendix. He aims to be the best digital architect, designing and developing highly functional, interactive Mendix applications.

Vinith Periasamy Ramasamy,
Mendix Consultant

Who can attend?

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Business Leaders & Decision-makers

  • Sr. Vice President & Vice President - IT

  • Product Owners

  • IT Managers & Executives

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

  • Application Developers

  • Mendix Developers

  • Business Analysts

  • Students & Educators

  • Content Creators

  • Sound Engineers

  • Dubbing Artists

  • Digital Media Editors

  • Healthcare Service Providers

  • Movie Directors & Music Directors

  • Law and Order Officers

  • Defense Officers

MXTechies Mendix Webinar

Key Takeaways

Seemless Integration of Voice Cloning Technology with Mendix

Gain Profound understanding of the Emotional Impact that VCT Offers

Voice Preservation in Mendix

Real Time Voice Cloning with Mendix

Enhanced User Experience