Are you looking to supercharge your Mendix application and enhance its capabilities with OneDrive integration?

"Join our virtual meetup where we will demonstrate how to seamlessly implement OneDrive integration in Mendix. By attending this session, developers will gain valuable insights and learn how to leverage Mendix's latest features to create efficient and effective web applications. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your app development skills and unlock the full potential of your Mendix applications with OneDrive Integration! "

Our Speakers

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Yasar Arafath

Yasar is a highly experienced Mendix Certified Advanced Developer, specializing in both Java and Mendix. Yasar's expertise lies in building strong backend processes for both web and native app development. Yasar's experience in Mendix allows him to design, develop, and deploy complex enterprise-level applications with great success. He has a track record of delivering top-quality applications to global enterprise clients. With his extensive experience, technical skills, and deep familiarity with Mendix, Yasar is an invaluable asset in leading and driving successful software development projects.

Yasar Arafath,
Senior Mendix Consultant

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Hariharan Lakshmipathi Raj

Hariharan Lakshmipathi Raj is an accomplished developer specializing in Mendix, Java, and Spring Boot. With extensive experience in web app development, he excels in delivering exceptional user experiences. As a Mendix Intermediate Certified Developer, Hari has worked with numerous global clients and gained a reputation for providing efficient, high-quality solutions tailored to their specific needs. His expertise in optimizing performance and user experience for web, mobile, and hybrid apps makes him a valuable asset in the world of app development.

Hariharan Lakshmipathi Raj,
Senior Mendix Consultant

Who can attend?

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Chief Technology Officers

  • Chief Information Officers

  • Business Leaders & Decision-makers

  • Sr. Vice President & Vice President – IT

  • IT Managers & Executives

  • Solutions Architect

  • Business Analysts

  • Application Developers

  • Developer Leads

  • Mendix Developers

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Key Takeaways

Understanding OAuth Configuration 2.0

Document Collaboration

Seamless File upload and download with OneDrive

Retrieving Drive Files from OneDrive