Mendix & Cloud Vision API: Make your Mendix app to see the image.
Unleash the power of image recognition with the cloud vision API, where AI meets creativity for seamless visual insights and analysis.

Mendix & Cloud Vision API

The Cloud Vision API is a Google Cloud service that offers pre-trained machine-learning models for visual analysis and interpretation. It enables developers to extract and categorize useful information from photos. Detect logos and landmarks, identify objects and faces, and conduct optical character recognition (OCR). The API offers a RESTful interface that can be simply integrated into apps to improve image analysis and computer vision skills.

Why Google cloud vision API?

The API uses deep learning algorithms to produce very accurate results, and it is compatible with a wide range of picture formats, including JPEG and PNG, etc. Developers can use the Cloud Vision API to easily create applications that can process visuals at scale and deliver relevant insights in real-time.

Our Speakers

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Bright is a Mendix Consultant with MXTechies and a passionate Mendix-Certified Developer. His innovative thinking and flair for low code application has enabled Bright to carry out some complex developments successfully in Mendix. Bright has a keen interest to enhance security in the Mendix application and he will leave no stone unturned to achieve this target!

Bright Ganth, Mendix Certified Developer, MXTechies

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Harithra is a Mendix Consultant and an experienced Mendix Certified Advanced Developer with MXTechies. She firmly believes in turning ideas into reality using the power of low-code. She strives to be an exemplary architect in the digital world, designing and building highly efficient functional, interactive mobile applications!

Harithra Murugesan, Mendix Certified Developer, MXTechies

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